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Updates & Visualising the Western Esoteric Tradition

I've been too busy to pay much attention to my blogging recently, as you may be able to tell by the paucity of updates. I hope to have a new entry to the Bibliotheca series of posts soon - a translation of French MS. dealing with the Olympic Spirits and having some relation to certain other works of magic that appeared in France during the late 18th century. So, keep your eyes open for that in the next couple of weeks.


The second edition of Psychogeographia Ruralis should be available from NothingOutThere very soon. There's a small layout error to fix that has held it back a bit, but as soon as I am able to get the prototype. It also comes with ten photographs and a 3" of unreleased material.


Just finishing an interview with Feral Debris, and also (finally) working on some new musical material, having taken a break for a bit to concentrate on babies and research. Speaking of which, the Fred Hockley article with Dan Harms is very nearly finished. This has been the first bit of really serious research I've done so far as visiting archives and looking at MSS. is concerned. Fingers crossed it will be published somewhere respectable!

Edit: I almost forgot to say that Joe Peterson has very kindly referenced and acknowledged some of the work I shared with him on the Clavis of Rabbi Solomon MS. in the John Rylands University Library as part of his latest book! Thanks, Joe!


February will see a series of new Larkfall Press releases. Foremost among them is an edition of Andy Sharp's lecture on the Poetics of the Wyrd, given at Goldsmith's university. There is also a new version of 17th century astrological medicine text - possibly with a second text annexed if time permits. Who knows… maybe even the long-delayed Phil Todd art chapbook will be finished in time for me to make it to the printers?


Another chapbook in the works derives from my recent interest in creating graphical visualisations of aspects of the Western Esoteric Tradition. My first dip into these waters was to create a graphical rendering of Mr. Peterson's Index of Angel Names and Magical Words and Names of God. Below are a couple of thumbnail images and links. The first shows the full data set along with Bezier curves between nodes - clicking on it will take you to a version 25% of the original size: it's essentially eye-candy. The second is a simplified version of the same image with straight lines between nodes and names that only appear once have been filtered out. Clicking this image will give you the full-size (12mb) jpg file.

The dataset is fairly rough and ready and needs cleaning up, so if you want to use these images for anything then get in touch and I'll sort out some new renders.


This has led me to look at ways of graphically representing the various hierarchies of spiritual intelligences found in esoteric works, which has led already led me to some interesting observations, forming the basis for a new chapbook later in the year.


Tags: graphics, grimoires, larkfall, magic, psychogeographia ruralis, visualisation, xetb
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