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Mind Expanding Discographies I - Through Music to the Self

I've been reading quite a few books on music and 'spirituality' recently, some quite thought provoking, some bordering onto newage sewage. However, I thought some folks might be interested in the discographies provided by some of these works, and maybe a few of my thoughts on the books themselves. First up is the discography from Peter Michael Hamel's Through Music to the Self.

It's been a few months since I read this book, but on the whole I'm positive about it. I already had a real soft-spot for the kind of music PMH was making at the time of writing this book: great cosmic synth albums like Aura, the interesting experiments in minimalism on Nada, and the improvised cosmic/spiritual jazz that his band Between put out. After that the music gets a bit samey, but I quite like Organum - seemingly his take on Terry Riley's incredible Persian Surgery Dervishes.

Reflecting on the book the things that stick in my mind are his discussion of the use of vowels and overtone singing, descriptions of hippy theatre troupes and a rather neat little primer on how to listen to and appreciate Indian classical music. Unfortunately I only borrowed a copy, but I'lll be adding it to my bookshelf and re-reading it presently. In the meantime, here's the discography from the end of the book - bear in mind it was written in 1979, but there might be a couple of gems you've overlooked in there:

Items known to be currently unavailable outside Germany, or available only as imports, are marked (G).

Modern Classics

Maurice Ravel: orchestral works and piano pieces.
Alexander Scriabin: 'Piano Pieces'
Bela Bartók: Violin Concerto 1938; Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta; Second and Third Piano Concertos.
Charles Ives: 'Five Symphonies'
Olivier Messiaen: 'Les Corps Glorieux' for organ; 'Et exspecto...' and 'Colours of the Celestial City', two orchestral works.
Carl Orff: 'De Temporum Fine Comoedia' (G)
Karlheinz Stockhausen: 'Hymnen' for orchestra and electronics (G); 'Stimmung' for 6 vocalists (G); 'Mantra' for two pianos (G).

Intuitive Improvisation

Karlheinz Stockhausen: 'Aus den Sieben Tagen' (G); 'Goldstaub' (G)

Psychedelic Avant-Garde

'wired' - Rant, Lewis, Böttner (in boxset 'Free Improvisation') (G)

Psychedelic Pop Music

'Ummagumma'. Double LP by the group Pink Floyd.

Psychedelic Jazz

'Karma', by Pharaoh Sanders (G)

Non-European Music

The Musicaphon Bärenreiter UNESCO collection has brought out innumerable and excellent recordings: from Africa, Asia and the whole world. Additionally the following specialities are available:
Tibet: 'Tantric Rtual'. Gyoto Monastery.
'Chants Mongols'. Mongolian chanting and folk music.
'ZEN. Sound and Silence'. Recordings from a Japanese Zen monastery.
Gamelan-music: Boxsets of music from Bali and Java. Indian music:
'Imrat Khan - Nordindische Ragas live' (G).
'Nikhil Banerjee - Nordindische Ragas auf Sitar' (G).
'South Indian Vocal and Instrumental Music'.
Music from the Morning of the World (Balinese Gamelan).
Buddhist Chant (Japanese temple ritual). Islamic Liturgy.
A Night at the Taj (Vilayat and Imrat Khan).
A Persian Heritage (Classical music of Iran).
The Ten Graces on the Vina (Music of South India).
Master of the Sarangi (Ram Narayan).

East-West Synthesis

'Music for Zen-Meditation' with Tony Scott, clarinet and Japanese musicians.
'Tibetan Bells'. 'Buddhist Meditation East-West'. Chants by Tibetan Lamas and electronic mantra-music by P. M. Hamel (G).
'Karuna Supreme'. Ali Akbar Khan, sarod, and John Handy, alto-saxophone (G).

Spiritual Jazz
'Love Supreme' and 'Om' by John Coltrane.
'Humus' by Don Cherry.

Spiritual Pop Music

Third Ear Band: 'Alchemy' and '4 Elements'
Paul Horn, flute: 'Inside'.
'Hesse Between Music'. A 'poetry-and-music-production' with texts by Herman Hesse and music by the group Between (G).
Soft Machine:
'III - Moon in June'.

Electronic Pop Music

Tangerine Dream
: 'Phaedra' and 'Rubycon'.
Klaus Schulze: 'Timewind' and 'Irrlicht' (G).
Michael Hoenig: 'Hanging Garden Transfer' (G).

Sacred Pop Music

Popol Vuh: 'Seligpreisungen' and 'Hosianna-Mantra' (G).

Minimal Music - Periodic Music from the U.S.A.

Terry Riley: 'A Rainbow in Curved Air'; 'Happy Ending'; 'The Persian Surgery Dervishes'.
Steve Reich: 'Drumming'.

Author's Own Compositions (all G)

'HAMEL', 'The Voice of Silence'. 'Einstieg', 'And the Waters Opened', 'Dharana', 'Contemplation', 'Nada', all with the group Between.

The Wired track mentioned above, under 'Psychedelic Avant Garde' is available on WMFU's On the Download along with other recordings from the Deutsche Grammohophon triple LP, Free Improvisation.

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