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A general life update:

First, my heartfelt thanks to Dan Harms who, during a particularly busy period around April-May, finished off our academic work on Fred Hockley. The article is at present titled "One of My Particular Babes": Magic, Mimesis, and the Market in Hockley's Complete Book of Magic Science.

Dan and I now have another project on the go in collaboration with the brilliant and indefatigable Joe Peterson. It concerns a MS. that I have mentioned (- in part at least!) in a previous entry: Folger v.b.26. Dan is posting some occasional updates about it on his blog. I am currently working on the third part of the MS. – containing amongst other things a variant on the Eye of Abraham, coercive toad bones, gaming spells, childbirth charms, magical treasure hunting, talismans and the ascetic necromantic instructions of one Thomas Drowrie.

I also have two other exciting projects lined up that I am only just beginning to research and plan: one of which concerns the Olympic Spirits, while the other relates to Yorkshire cunning men.

Having been enthused by the way photography and text worked together in Almias I have decided to resurrect my Geography of Ritual Magic series and also to write my new and wholly original interpretation of Tuba Veneris in a similarly richly illustrated format. We’ll see how that goes, and if there is anyone out there who can give them the kind of production they will hopefully deserve!

Here are a couple of other things that will likely be emerging in September:

First an article relating to academic work in craft, computation, interfaces and music will be appearing in a new interdisciplinary journal in September (contact me for more details!).

I was kindly asked by Mark Pilkington to illustrate Andy Sharp’s short piece on Kenneth Grant’s take on Chinese Ku magic in the forthcoming Strange Attractor Journal. I think this will be appearing around the end of September.

I also hope that we will see Trident Books’ definitive English edition of Tuba Veneris in print shortly!

Meanwhile, back to preparing for the coming academic year!

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