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Mind Expanding Discographies III - Music for Inner Space

This was a surprising find during a trip to York... I've got a soft-spot for Nevill Drury, having read his book The Shaman and the Magician in my teens, but I'd no idea that he'd written a book entitled Music for Inner Space: Techniques for Meditation & Visualisation (Prism Press, 1985). Nor did I know that he was a complete freak for kosmische musik, reviewing electronic music for Rolling Stone and Hi-Fi Magazine!

The horrible new-age cover of the book aside, Drury has quite comprehensive recommendations for elemental music (example: Ash Ra Tempel, 'Jenseits' from Join Inn = Water) and the tarot. To give an idea of where he's coming from, I summarise his tarot discography below:

The World: Pink Floyd - 'Grantchester Meadows'; Klaus Schulze - 'Ways of Change'.
Judgement: Herbert Joos - 'Why?'; Japetus - 'The Great, Great Silence'.
The Sun: Tangerine Dream - 'Force Majeure' (last third only).
The Moon: Klaus Schulze - 'Mindphaser'.
The Star: Klaus Schulze - 'Crystal Lake'.
The Tower: Godley & Creme - 'The Flood'.
The Devil: Tangerine Dream - 'Rubycon Part One'; Rajneesh Foundation musicians - 'Nadabrahma'.
Death: Tangerine Dream - 'Through Metamorphic Rocks'.
Temperance: Ash Ra - 'Ocean of Tenderness'.
The Hanged Man: Fripp & Eno - 'Wind on Water'.
Justice: Kitaro - 'Never Let You Go'.
The Wheel of Fortune: Colosseum - 'Theme Three'; Kitaro - 'Dreams Like Yesterday'.
The Hermit: Tangerine Dream - 'Rubycon Part Two' (first third).
Strength: Tangerine Dream - 'Rubycon Part Two' (middle section).
The Charioteer: Klaus Schulze - 'Bayreuth Return' and 'Wahnfried 1883'.
The Lovers: Edgar Froese - 'Epsilon in Malaysian Pale'.
The Hierophant: Edgar Froese - 'Maroubra Bay' (first half).
The Emperor: Klaus Schulze - 'Nowhere - Now Here'.
The Empress: Tangerine Dream - 'Origin of Supernatural Probabilities'.
The High Priestess: Tangerine Dream - 'Zeit'.
The Magician: Klaus Sculze - 'Stardancer II'.
The Fool: Manuel Gottsching - 'Qasarsphere'.

To see the other entries in this series of discographies, click here and here.
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