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I've recently started archiving most of my work over the last decade. A revised site is still woefully incomplete, but in the meantime you can find around a number Xenis Emputae Travelling Band   and related recordings at Archive.org:

The Crooked Pool (2008)
Gamaaea (2007)
Split with Ashtray Navigations (2007)
Stella and Astrophel (2006)
A Prism for Annwn (2006)
Split with Jani Hellén (2006)
Grotto Grove and Shrine (2006)
Heard Gripe Hrusan (2006)
Goat Willow (2005)
Split with The North Sea (2005)
The Pyrognomic Glass (2005)
Toadsman's Bell (2005)
The Hieroglyphic Mountain (2005)
A Selenographic Lens (2004)
Lords of the Green Grass (2003)
New Etheric Muse (2003)
The Suffolk Workings (2002)
Under a Soular Moon (2001)
Full Moon June (2001)

I'll be adding to this over the next few weeks.

Tags: archive, ashtray navigations, music, xetb

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