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Ashtrays and Barrows

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A roundup of recent bits and pieces:

Recently my friend Seth Cooke put together a two-part ‘This is your Life’-style feature on Ashtray Navigations. I’ve written a bit, along with Neil Campbell, Alex Neilson and the usual suspects. This is also the first time I’ve ever been called glamorous… read the first part here.

The latest issue of Strange Attactor Journal has an illustration by myself to accompany a synopsis of Shryock and Feng’s article on Chinese Ku (Gu) magic, by Andy Sharp (English Heretic). More information here.

It was very nice of Stuart Maconie to play ‘Caer Color’, from A Prism for Annwn on his May Day Freakzone. I’m hoping to have a band together to play as part of the lead-up to Julian Cope at the Harrogate Theatre on the 30th of July. Who knows – we maybe there will be XETB renaissance later this year? I recently visited the long-barrow on Black Hill, Low Bradley Moor and I’m itching to go there,  record and have a good lie down in the cist!

Photo by Layla Bert Smith.

Also, I’m not sure I ever mentioned it on the blog, but I designed the and printed the covers and inlays for Maarten Van Der Vleuten’s album A True and Faithul Relation of what Passed for Many Years Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits. I got my copies a few weeks ago and it looks great – the pics online don’t do it justice. I believe there are still a few copies available here

I’ve been working with the composer Nigel Morgan for several years now. As part of a project exploring Open Form and ‘poietic’ interaction with musical scores we did the interdisciplinary Fifteen Images project. There’s a journal article in Craft Resarch if you are interested. It’s been getting some well received performances from jazz pianist Matt Robinson – recently at the Taking Time exhibition at Plymouth Museum, and it will be performed during the Pairings 2011 conference at MMU.

I also went to Hong Kong to teach a course on Interactive Audio at the Insitute for Vocational Education, which was a great (and tiring, and hectic!) - experience, from which I returned with the obligatory strange (to Western tastebuds) confectionery.


Over summer I hope to get a few writing projects finished – and to finally turn my attention again to the ever fascinating (and frustrating!) Folger MS. with Dan Harms and Joe Peterson! Maybe I'll even get those extra horseman posts sorted - I found a book of horseman's receipts which I'm desperate to blog here!


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