December 26th, 2011

Cocidius and Superboy

A couple more recent newsworthy items of Legardiana:

Reverb Worship kindly sent me some copies of the re-release of Stella and Astrophel. Looks (and sounds!) great! You can order copies from the Reverb Worship site, or drop me a note if you'd like to order a copy from me (UK = £6.00 / Europe = £7.00 / USA & ROW = £8.00).

I'm also pleased to say that I received some promo copies of the John Barleycorn Reborn: Rebirth compilation from Cold Spring. This is a companion to the original John Barleycorn Reborn comp that came out a few years ago, compiled by mysteriously vanishing Mark Coyle. I never actually heard this collection (originally available as a download), but I'd say that I actually prefer it to the original - some nice hurdy gurdy moments sprinkled throughout along with a few turns by the prolific Sean Breadin. More info here.

The Bang the Bore gig at the Hansard Gallery went really well! The quartet (Layla, Seth, Sara and I) started out with improvised vowel singing based on 'scores' derived from a series of 'magical' intentions. Gradually fragmented god names were introduced: originally I'd wanted to break out from the flow of the improvisation and utter the names in the style of Stockhausen's Stimmung, although this wasn't really working, so the names were fragmented became a series of abstracted syllables. Four fifths of the god names were Celtic, but I let Seth break the mould by going with Kal-el... we finished with a rousing version of King Orfeo, which seems to be becoming a standard for us...

On the way back North, Layla and I visited Avebury, and found ourselves slogging uphill in the wind and rain to do our own singing in West Kennet Long Barrow. To enter the barrow after being lashed by the elements was quite an experience - like entering a warm, welcoming home... Read her post and listen to the recording on her blog!

We ended our day with a dusky walk on Windmill Hill, a perfectly atmospheric denouement.

I forgot to mention in the last post that Layla and I did a little contribution to the latest issue of our friend Ian's comic, Seamouse. More info here! There's also a bit by our friend Herb Diamante!

Photos by Layla Smith, as ever!