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Relics of Goddess Worship in Early English Music

It's been a while since I've played a gig, but I'm quite excited by the prospect of the first performance with my group The Institute of Stone Age Sex. The lineup includes members of the A-Band/Ultrahumanitarian, Ashtray Navigations and Almias. It's as part of the Harrogate Fringe Festival's Fringe Crawl event this Saturday (30th), leading up to a performance by Julian Cope in the evening. Cope costs, but the rest of the music is free! We'll be playing at 4:45pm in the vicinity of the circle bar at the theatre. How we'll go down, I have no idea...

Subject to a couple of minor changes, here is the leaflet for the performance, penned in remembrance or Robert Graves:

Tags: a-band, almias, ashtray navigations, gigs, goddess, institute of stone age sex, xetb

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