Diapason (ricercares) wrote,

"Come buy our fruits, come buy!"

Lots of exciting news! First, I am very proud to have some of my music included in the CD that accompanies the latest volume of Abraxas journal. The standard of writing and artwork therein is very high and the production is to Fulgur's usual brilliant standard. The journal is available in softcover and hardback at the Fulgur site.

Sticking with books, I'm pleased to say that you can now get the revised third edition of Psychogeographia Ruralis at Lulu. I'd like to do a more lavish production when time and money allows, but I'm very happy with how this has turned out - it's been carefully typeset and proofed, and is accompanied by photographs by Layla Smith. You can order your copy here.

Also, Reverb Worship is starting to reissue some of the old Xenis Emputae Travelling Band catalogue, kicking off with Goat Willow. You can order a copy through the Reverb Worship site, or send me a private message and I can send you one (£5 + P&P).  

Finally, the first gig for Institute of Stone Age Sex went wonderfully, and since then we've also played a wedding! We hope to record shortly and perhaps even do another gig or two before the year is out. Pictured below: Phil Todd, Seth Cooke, Mel Crowley, Phil Legard, Layla Smith and Simon Bradley.

Tags: abraxas, fulgur, gigs, institute of stone age sex, psychogeographia ruralis, reissues, xetb

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