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Mind Expanding Discographies II - Music and the Elemental Psyche

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The following discography is from R.J. Stewart's Music and the Elemental Psyche (1987). There's a tiny bit of overlap with Hamel's list, but there are a couple of great recordings on this list - particularly the Music of Ancient Greece which occasionally gets a bit wild and atonal, while some parts are not unlike Harry Partch! I've got to admit that I didn't really click with the most of this book - a bit too new-age-y for me... but, the chapters at either end of the central material and the appendices were relatively interesting...

There are thousands of recordings of ethnic, religious and composed music that derive from conscious or unconscious methods of altering awareness throug musical patterns or tone qualities.

As we are primarily concerned with simple musical calls and tones for practical work, the following recordings are merely a short sample of music on disc or tape that incorporate traditions or inspirational qualities of altered consciousness and enlivened imagination. This list is not definitive, authoritative or in any way superior to any other list; it does not compise a work-programme, though free-visualisation to selected recordings can be extremely rewarding.

Atrium Musical de Madrid, Music of Ancient Greece, HM 1015.
BBC Records, Chinese Classical Music, REGK 1M.
Baron, Jean and Anneix, Christian, Bombarde et Biniou Koz (traditional Breton music), Arfolk SB 357.
Claddagh, The Drones and the Chanters (traditional Irish piping), CC11.
Dunstable, J., Motets, Hilliard Ensemble, HMV 1467 031.
Gerwig, Walter, Lute Music, J. S. Bach, Oryx BACH 1202.
Gregorian Chant, Ave Maria, Philips Festivo 6570 154.
Hildegard of Bingen, Abbess, A Feather on the Breath of God, Gothic Voices, Hyperion A66039.
Lassus, O., Lagrimi di San Pietro, Consort of Musicke, Oiseau-Lyre DSLO 574.
Scriabin, A., Symphonies 1-3, Melodiya 80030 XHK.
Stewart, R.J., Music and the Elemental Psyche (recordings of R.J. Stewart are available from Sulis Music, BCM Box 3721, London WC1 3XX).
Stewart, R.J., The Fortunate Isle (a suite for psaltery and ensemble).
Stewart, R.J., The Journey to the Underworld/Psaltery Music.
Stewart, R.J., The Unique Sound of the Psaltery.
Stravinsky, I., Le Sacre du Printemps (conducts his work) CBS 72054.
Tantric Rituals, Music of Tibet, Library of Congress Recordings.
Watkins, David, Music for Harp, RCA 5087.
Vaughan Williams, R., A Pastoral Symphony, RCA SB6861 (LSC 3281).
Vaughan Williams, R., The Sons of Light, Lyrita SRCS 125.

The following record labels carry extensive lists of ethnic and unusual music: Ar Hooli, Folkways, Harmonia Mundi, Le Chant du Monde, Lyrichord, Ocara, Rounder and Topic.

Many source recordings of traditional music worldwide are found in the USA Library of Congress, the BBC sound archives and university departments specialising in music, anthropology, folklore and comparitive religion.

Current Music:
George Deacon & Marion Ross - Sweet William's Ghost (1972)
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